Casual Information Corner

Free to read posts by members/public on casual news, information & request relating to photography.  Please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., attention: "Casual info corner" if you like to respond, thanks.


*(26 Sep 2017) Student from Duke NUS medical school of the I'm STEADY lah project, as part of a community wide effort to tackle stigma associated with mental health conditions invites participants for photography contest to post a picture on its Facebook page (link below) with the following themes –  

1) #ToREACH – what would you say to someone with depression? 
2) #ToUNDERSTAND – What does depression mean to you? 
3) #ToADOVOCATE – What can you do relieve stress/anxiety?  
Submissions will be displayed at the finale event. 
All submissions go through lucky draw and participants stand the chance of winning a pair of movie tickets. 


*(28 Nov 2016) Ruder Finn, a PR networks company highlighted the 2nd edition of Singapore Contemporary will return on 19 – 22 January 2017 at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. Point of interest would be Photo17, a curated platform dedicated to photography that highlights fine Art, conceptual, dDocumentary and mixed media/digital installation photography.


*(05 Oct 2016) Friend going back to medium format film photography, asked anyone can share knowledge & experiences of using Mamiya 7ii camera.


*(23 Sep 2016) Friend's client wanting to do 1 minute slipers videos for website.


*(16 Sep 2016) looking for volunteer photographers to shoot at events from 7 Dec to 14 Dec 2016 (at least one full day), in the launching of third-generation Flying Eye Hospital. Info by Orbis Singapore (


*(28 Aug 2016) Nuevo Foto Club Argentino, first club in Argentina would like to provide group discount for El Argentino Salon 2016, closing on 24 Sep 2016.